The IQRA Akademie offers German-speaking Muslims the opportunity to learn the correct recitation of the Quran, the Arabic language and other Islamic studies in live lessons from home. All lessons are online and gender-segregated. The learning materials are made available online and students receive certificates.


Our students are German-speaking Muslims from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all over the world, who would like to gain the pleasure of Allah by studying the Quran, Arabic and other Islamic studies in order to better understand and practice their religion.


Our teachers are German and Arabic native speakers who have studied Arabic at renowned universities and have many years of experience teaching non-Arabs. In addition, all teachers have Ijaazas in reciting the Quran and can communicate with students in other languages.


We have made it our mission to offer our German-speaking Muslim siblings around the world the highest quality at fair prices, in order to enable as many siblings as possible to study this sublime book, this wonderful language and other essential Islamic studies at the highest level.